5 Signs Your Truck Needs Transmission Repair Services

Diesel trucks are the most reliable and effective engines on the road. However, they are highly complex and need special care and maintenance. The diesel engine and transmission systems are the most critical to pay special attention to. This will ensure a prolonged and efficient life for the truck.

One of the significant problems diesel truck owners have to grapple with is how and when their transmission needs an expert’s attention. Professionals at IBEX Diesel Repair, a Rigby transmission repair center, make it seem easy to maintain and repair diesel engine transmissions, but it is not. It takes years of experience to give a diesel truck transmission system a makeover.

No matter how much you know about truck engines and transmission systems, you can know the most important ways to care for each system.

A healthy transmission is critical to the life of your truck. Regardless of the effectiveness of a truck’s engine, if the gears that convert its power to movement are ineffective or faulty, the truck will not go very far.

This article will discuss the three most important things you can do to care for a diesel truck transmission. Read on to know what to look out for and when to have an expert examine your truck’s transmission system.

Follow Manufacturer Instructions for Monitoring and Changing Transmission Fluid

The first rule in caring for your truck’s transmission is to follow manufacturer instructions, especially when changing the transmission fluid.

Like brake fluid and motor oil, transmission fluid is critical to the operation of the mechanical elements of the truck. It ensures that transmission elements are lubricated and cooled. Proper cooling and lubrication help minimize wear and tear on internal moving parts of the transmission.

Modern diesel truck transmission systems do not need frequent oil changes. The typical truck with an open transmission fluid system may require a transmission fluid change after between 30,000 and 100,000 miles. Refer to your truck’s manual to know when or after how many miles you can change the transmission fluid.

It is necessary to frequently monitor fluid consistency and levels in case of contamination leakage in the fluid system. Any damages to gears, burning oil, and internal wear and tear may leave debris, sludge, and microscopic particles in critical areas of the transmission system.

The best remedy for this problem is to use a power flush to clean out stubborn sludge debris. Our diesel truck repair shop uses the most advanced tools to clear out your engine’s transmission systems to prevent further internal damage and prolong the life and efficiency of your truck.

Use the Right Transmission Fluids and Filters

There are so many types and brands of transmission fluids advertised for diesel engines in the market that you can easily be spoilt for choice if you are unsure what your truck needs. As a truck owner, how hawk-eyed are you when you take the truck for an oil change? Do you make sure you get the right transmission fluid for your truck, or do you only worry about the price?

No one wants to drive their truck to the mechanic more times than necessary. If you stay on top of your filters and fluids, your engine, transmissions, and braking systems will never fail you.

The price you have to pay is to understand your truck and know the exact types of fluids that bring out the performance of every part of the truck.

You will achieve excellent fuel economy and truck performance when you lubricate and cool its transmission with the right fluid as instructed by the manufacturer. Make it a habit to check and clean oil and air filters to add life to both the engine and transmission systems, and you will only need to visit the mechanic for planned maintenance.

5 Signs Your Truck Needs Transmission Repair Services

Modern trucks come with sophisticated sensor and alert systems that turn on the engine light when the transmission system is faulty. However, it would be best if you never waited to see a light indicator to find out whether your transmission system is toast.

The death of your diesel transmission is not always sudden. The truck will show early signs of failure and a good driver should be able to diagnose and troubleshoot early enough.

Here are five unmissable signs that your diesel engine transmission requires the attention of an expert.

Fluctuating Engine Power

If the RPM and load output of your truck is fluctuating during driving, it is most likely a fault in the transmission system. If the truck suffers a transmission fluid leak, slipping in the gearbox or torque converter can cause the vehicle to rev at higher RPMs.

Irregular Gear Shifting

Delayed gear shifting, especially during acceleration, can be a problem with the valve body in the transmission. In some cases, the problem could be a bad solenoid or sensor that can be easily fixed. Worn transmission parts could also cause erratic shifting, over revving, and loose shifting.

Unusual Noise in the Transmission Box

If you hear whining, rattling, clunking, or any unpleasant sounds coming from your gearbox, it is a clear warning of a bad road ahead. Make an appointment with a diesel transmission repair expert as soon as possible.

Darker Colored Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is a translucent red color when it is new. It may not be easy to see the color on a dipstick, so always wipe the dipstick on a white rag to see color. When the color of the fluid begins to turn deep red or brown, it may signify damage in the transmission such as overheating.

A Burning Smell

One of the main reasons engine truck transmission systems fail prematurely is because it burns when the transmission is too hot. When the transmission cooling system is ineffective, the transmission fluid will burn, emitting a burning oil smell. In some cases, the transmission fluid burns because a leakage in the system has led to a drop in the level of the transmission.

What Should You Do Next?

How well you care for your truck’s transmission determines how well it serves you and for how long. However, an engine and its transmission system are still machines and susceptible to elements and wear and tear. For this reason, you must know when you need a diesel repair expert.

A new truck transmission is very expensive. To prolong the life of your current engine, get it inspected and maintained regularly. Follow these tips and call IBEX Diesel Repair on (208) 356-6447 to get personal attention and have your transmission questions answered.

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