Diesel Brake Repair: All You Need to Know

As a truck driver, you’ve probably conditioned yourself to anticipate when your truck will require auto repair services. Although things would be easier if you could predict when you next have to take your truck in for a check-up, truck troubles strike at any time and in unfortunate places.

Whether you’re on the road or at home, there’s no telling when you’ll need repairs. At , we pride ourselves on reliability. You deserve to have repairs and services done promptly by experienced mechanics. We repair diesel brakes and essential maintenance and replace any faulty parts in your diesel brake system and transmission.

Diesel Brake Services

Your truck needs a regular inspection to ensure it runs efficiently. As soon as you begin hearing those grinding noises, it means the brake pads are worn out and need immediate replacement. When replacing brake pads, you also need to resurface the brake rotor for a well-functioning brake system.

This guarantees sufficient protection and levels of ease for the driver and other occupants. It also ensures the pedestrians are safe. Conducting preventive maintenance on your diesel truck’s brakes should always be on your to-do list to prolong the brake’s life and ensure it provides you with long-lasting service.

Diesel trucks have two critical components that require regular checking; the exhaust system and the brake fluid. These two elements benefit the most from routine inspections by a skilled and certified diesel mechanic.

Most times, mechanics will overlook the brake fluid, which is very crucial in regular maintenance. Your trucks’ brake fluid is constantly exposed to extreme pressure and high temperature as an essential diesel engine component.

It is also hygroscopic, which means that the brake fluid naturally attracts water. Combining heat, moisture, and pressure isn’t ideal for the brake fluid, and it will start degrading with time. This degradation compromises its ability to prevent corrosion.

Failure to perform a total brake system fluid exchange results in poor performance, a potential collapse of other diesel brake system components, and brake system fluid leaks. Diesel trucks can use the exhaust brake system, which is very efficient in the long-run and helps in slowing down a diesel automobile regardless of its weight or size.

The diesel truck’s exhaust brakes work by casing off the exhaust and compressing the exhaust, thus causing a negative torque. This negative torque can cause the diesel truck to slow down without the driver ever needing to apply the truck’s standard brakes.

Transmission Repair for Diesel Trucks

Although transmission repair is a term often used by mechanics, it’s actually a monomer. Diesel is the fuel that powers the engine, but it doesn’t touch the transmission. The transmission is designed to handle the extra power that diesel engines create. When building transmission, the diesel engine is of importance and thus requires minor alterations.

Transmission depends on the engine’s RPM, revolutions per minute, to build the oil pressure and turn the pump. If the engine’s RPM is fast, the pump will produce more force, meaning the transmission can handle more power. Brake pedal, brake pad replacement, brake repairs, brake repair service, replacement brake pads, replacing brake pads, brake lines, brake service, brake pad material, brake job, brake inspection. However, unlike gas engines, diesel engines create their power at lower RPMs.

This means that transmissions designed for diesel engines require alterations to provide more holding capacity given the lower pressures. This further means that you get more clutch surface, more efficient pumps, and significant pistons.

If your transmission is shot, you have a decision to make. You can either rebuild the transition or replace it. If you’re looking for a transmission repair for trucks and you’re not sure whether you should repair it or replace it entirely, here are three things you need to consider.

The Level of Damage

The first thing you need to consider is the level of damage your transmission has encountered. Bad damage on your diesel truck transmission can prove to be an expensive endeavor if not handled right. Your auto body shop can run a complete diagnostic to inform you what is wrong with the transmission.

If the test determines your truck is beyond a basic repair, you may be forced to replace the bare minimum parts of the transmission. However, it’s always a good idea to avoid going for a repair whenever there is extensive damage as it could create a long list of never-ending repairs that might take more money from your pocket. To ensure you stay out of a repair shop, your best option would be to replace it.

Cost of Replacing Transmission

Replacing the transmission is for sure a costly option. However, it’s your safest bet if you don’t want to keep throwing money at your truck every time the transmission shoots. A primary reason you’re spending the money is to ensure that you replace everything, especially if the damage is extensive.

Quality of the Repair

Replacing is also a great idea since you’ll learn about the integrity of everything that goes into it. Ensure the services you get come from highly trained and certified mechanics who can also walk you through every step of the way. You can also partake in the rebuild by ensuring that the OEM brands of your choice are used.

When developing transmission for a diesel engine truck, you will need several small but very crucial changes for your transmission to handle the different engine nuances. At IBEX Diesel Repair, we have a team of specially trained mechanics who can handle every intricacy of your diesel truck transmission.

Our team is also trained on running diagnostics to determine what the problem could be on your engine. This way, we can highlight any issues and work to clean, repair, and rebuild your transmission if it calls for it. We also can handle all upgrades your diesel truck transmission might need. We can take your factory transmission and upgrade it to be more reliable and more robust than before.

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