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Customers value our dedication to quality. Rigorous hiring standards mean you can expect qualified drivers with experience who are professional in their demeanor, honest in their associations, and safety conscious in their practice. Quality of life for drivers means providing an innovative work schedule that allows for increased job satisfaction, thereby reducing turnover and improving productivity and safety.

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All of our trucks are equipped with satellite tracking that allows us to monitor speed and location. We provide customers web access to let them know where we’ve been, where we’re at and how efficiently we’re operating. Our hiring standards, safety record, custom equipment, and on-site mechanics all work together to keep our 24/7 service efficient and reliable.

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We constantly work to improve our value to customers through high quality, custom equipment. Our fleet is supported by a rigorous maintenance schedule under the direction of our fleet manager as well as numerous full-time mechanics and maintenance personnel. Additionally, every effort is made to provide both our customers and our employees with up-to-date equipment to increase reliablity, as well as efficiency and safety.

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IBEX currently operates in the Rocky Mountain Northwest as well as the Northeastern Marcellus and Utica shale regions. We are actively seeking opportunities to expand into other areas of the country and world.